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Frame / lock anchors / roof, curtains, dressings, ties - stone / sheers - white

Product no.: PAVSET1
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Pavilions are excellent for large outdoor seating arrangements and ideal for creating your own shaded ‘alfresco’ dining area. Features include;

  • Frames made from stamped aluminium and finished with a durable powder coating.
  • Roof fabric and corner dressings made with Sunbrella® awning-weight fabric for extreme durability.
  • Sunbrella® fabric made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarn, with the colour locked deep inside the yarn to give excellent resistance to the fading often caused by sunlight and cleaning. The fabric has a Teflon® coating applied to the yarn which helps disperse water.
  • Curtains are also included that give maximum protection, complete privacy and can be fully closed with a zip. You can draw these curtains on just one or two sides to provide shelter from light winds or strong sunshine.
  • Permo® Lock anchors (x 4) are included, which are recommended as a strong, permanent solution for anchoring your shelter against the wind on the beach or in loose soil.

Sunbrella® curtains

Curtains that give maximum protection, complete privacy and can be fully closed with a zip.

Corner dressings

Dresses the four corner posts.

Corner ties

Used to tie back the corner dressing or curtains if fitted.

Sheer panels

A perfect way to add ambience to your entertaining, a sheer, light screen that adds movement in the breeze or can be used to shield the sun.

Fabric weather guard

Fabric weather guard protects the fabric and slows down the aging effects of weathering. Supplied with its own special applicator pad.


Important - please read before proceeding to the checkout

  • This set features stone coloured fabric on the pavilion. Refer to the 4th image for the sample of the stone fabric. Refer to the product codes section for full details of what you will receive. 
  • This is brand new and discontinued stock.
  • Also included are the ground anchors and fabric weather guard, to provide extra protection. 
  • Furniture is not included. Please contact your local Barlow Tyrie Stockist who will be happy to help advise you.
  • If you have any additional queries, please do contact our customer services department, prior to purchasing.


Fixings - important, please read

  • For safety, the pavilion will need to be securely fixed into place. Included in this set are four Permo® lock anchors. These allow the pavilion to be fixed into a soft surface such as grass or sand.
  • We also stock fixings for wood (decking etc). If this it more suitable for your needs please contact customer services who will be happy to swap it around for you (dependent on stock levels). Please note fixings are not pre-drilled.
  • If you are fixing the pavilion to stone paving or concrete you will need to outsource suitable fixings for this, which we can advise on. This will need to be done by a professional. If you have any additional queries, please contact customer services prior to purchasing.  



Length: 366cm

Width: 305cm

Height: 299cm

Weight: 28kg

All dimensions and weights are approximate.



Assembly required: yes

For safety, at least four adults are required. 



Frame: stamped aluminium and finished with a durable powder coating

Roof fabric and corner dressings: Sunbrella® awning-weight fabric



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​Set code: PAVSET1

Product codes

  • 1 x 9011210: Pavilion 30 - 3m x 3.66m
  • 1 x 909080.0001: Pavilion sheers (set of eight) - white colour fabric (see 3rd image)
  • 1 x 909010.1275: Corner dressings 3m (set of four) - stone colour fabric (see 4th image for product reference, not colour reference)
  • 1 x 909050.1275: Pavilion corner ties (set of four) - stone colour fabric (see 4th image for product reference, not colour reference)
  • 1 x 9021210.1275: Pavilion roof 12 x 10 - stone colour fabric (see 5th image for colour reference)
  • 1 x 9031210.1275: Sunbrella® curtains 12 x 10 (set of four) - stone colour fabric (see 5th image for colour reference)
  • 1 x 4FWG: Fabric weather guard, 1 Litre (see 6th image) additional bottles can be purchased directly from your local Barlow Tyrie stockist
  • 1 x 913012: Permo® lock anchors (set of four)

Recommended retail price: £7,946.00

Special clearance offer: £2,659.00


Burda heating and lighting kit (optional purchase)

If you would like to enhance your Pavilion further, we have a Burda heating and lighting kit available (only suitable for Pavilions with a closed roof) whilst stock last.  A combined heating and lighting unit manufactured to the highest standards. This is an additional optional purchase. Please follow link below for more information;



Care product (optional purchase)

Care products are available to enhance the life of your Barlow Tyrie furniture. We recommend you use the following care product:


Fabric Weather Guard 4FWG.


Fabric weather guard protects fabric and slows the ageing effect of weather. Supplied with a special applicator pad.


Care products are only available from a Barlow Tyrie stockist, which you can find using this link nearest stockist.



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