Three-seater settee base cushion - furniture / scatters not included (deep sea)

Product no.: 800103.8019
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Do you already own our discontinued woven three-seater settee? Would you like to replace the base cushion? here is your chance

Presented in a glorious shade in deep sea colour, which will add extra colour to your outdoor or indoor area. Manufactured using Sunbrella®, a colourfast fabric that is made from a durable, all-weather, 100% solution-dyed Teflon® coated acrylic fibre. This fabric repels water, but cushions should not be left out in heavy rain for prolonged periods. If cushions do become saturated, place them on edge until dry. This stock is brand new. Feel free to browse our remaining stock of woven products on this website. 

Important - please read before proceeding to the checkout

  • This listing is for a base cushion (see circled item on first image). All furniture and other cushions are not included, are discontinued and no longer stocked by us


​Sunbrella® rain fabric (deep sea)

Product code: 800103.8019

Recommended retail price: £600.00

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Care product (optional purchase)

Care products are available to enhance the life of your Barlow Tyrie furniture. We recommend you use the following care product:


Fabric Weather Guard 4FWG.


Fabric weather guard protects fabric and slows the ageing effect of weather. Supplied with a special applicator pad.


Care products are only available from a Barlow Tyrie stockist, which you can find using this link nearest stockist.


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