Lawn Skittles Set

Product no.: 3LSSN
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Looking for a truly thoughtful gift for a special person in your life? We have it covered with our Lawn Skittles set. Lovingly constructed from premium materials, this item will become an heirloom to any family for years to come.  


It could also be used to keep guests busy and entertained at an outdoor wedding or family event. It will make for a very good talking point amongst guests alike.

It also makes for a very unusual and impressive gift for a loved one or close friend. Perhaps for a special Birthday or Anniversary. The perfect gift for somebody who has everything, and wants something a bit different. As with all our products, this set is crafted with high quality materials that are hard wearing. 


This set comprises a plywood carrying crate; 9 x skittles made from premium solid teak hardwood with brass trim; 4 rubber balls; a scoreboard made from teak and brass; positioning pins; and a ruler.

Constructed from premium materials, with an excellent finish. This will become a firm favoutive of your household for years to come.


Width: 45.0cm
Length: 45.4cm
Height: 35.0cm
Balls: 11.0cm
Total Weight: 21kg


All dimensions are approximate.

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