Burda heating and lighting kit - suitable for closed roof pavilions only

Product no.: 913000
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Enhance the use of your pavilion with this combined heating and lighting unit. Manufactured to the highest standards by Burda of Germany this unit is weatherproof to protection class IP65. It comes with everything your electrician needs to fit and connect it to your UK mains electricity supply.

The unit uses infrared short-wave technology to provide 2 kw of instant, comfortable, radiant heat that passes through the air without heating it. Consequently, the unit is very cost-effective as heat is not lost through draughts or rising hot air. You can turn the heat on or off and set it to three different levels using the remote control supplied. Additionally, you can turn the lighting units on or off and vary the light level using the dimmer switch supplied and mounted on the control box. If required, you can turn the lights through 180° to highlight or give indirect light as required.  There are a number of pavilion sets, please refer to the 'sets' category in the pavilion section on this website. Take your outdoor garden experience to the next level with this product. Wow your friends and family!

Important - please read before proceeding to the checkout

  • This item is only suitable for use with pavilions with a closed room, not those with a retractable roof
  • If you own a pavilion and not sure this is suitable, please contact customer services for assistance

Product code: 913000

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