Opening Pavilion 30: Frame, Roof, Mesh Curtains, Dressings, Ties, Fabric Weather Guard and Anchors

Product no.: PAVSET3

Our Pavilions are made from Premium and hardwearing materials. They provide excellent shelter and shade from the sun. A really luxurious feature to your outdoor space.


This beautiful Cabrio pavilion can be used as permanent structures and is made using heavy duty aluminium and Sunbrella® fabric, which will not fade when exposed to strong sunlight. It makes an ideal shade from the sun, and are constructed with premium materials that are durable and hard wearing.


Please refer to the fourth image for the actual fabric colour of the Roof (Stone). Further information is included below in 'the set includes' section.


The Cabrio has a unique roof which can be easily opened by one person to let in sunlight when being used to shelter from the wind. Silver mesh curtains for extra comfort and privacy are included. These are brand new discontinued items in their original cartons.


Fixings: For safety, the Pavilion will need to be securely fixed into place. Included in this set are four Permo® Lock Anchors. These allow the Pavilion to be fixed into a soft surface such as grass or sand.


We also stock fixings for wood (decking etc).If this it more suitable for your needs please contact customer services who will be happy to swap around for you. Please note fixings are not pre-drilled.


If you are fixing the Pavilion to stone paving or concrete you will need to outsource suitable fixings for this, which we can advise on. This will need to be done by a professional. If you have any additional queries please contact customer services prior to purchasing.  


Furniture is not included. Please contact your local Barlow Tyrie Stockist who will be happy to help advise you.


If you have any additional queries, please do contact our customer services department, prior to purchasing.


Please see the fourth image for the Stone colour fabric (Roof / Corner Dressings) and fifth for Silver colour fabric (Mesh Curtains)   


This set include:

  • 9111210: Opening pavilion 30 - 3m x 3.66m
  • 9121210.1275: Cabrio roof 12 x 10 - Stone colour fabric (See 4th image for colour reference) 
  • 9041210.4651: Mesh curtains 12 x 10 (Set of four) - Silver colour fabric (See 5th image for colour reference)
  • 909020.1275: Corner dressings 4.5m & 6m (Set of four) - Stone colour fabric (See 6th image for product reference, not colour reference)              
  • 909050.1275: Pavilion corner ties (Set of 4) - Stone colour fabric (See 6th image for product reference, not colour reference)        
  • 913012: Permo® lock anchors (Set of four) - See 7th image   
  • 4FWG: Fabric Weather Guard, 1 Litre (see 8th image)           



Length: 366cm

Width: 305cm

Height: 299cm

Approx. Weight: 28kg

Assembly required

All dimensions are approximate.


Very limited stock, only whilst stocks last


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